Robot on the Racetrack: Audi presents driverless racing car

Robot on the Racetrack: Audi presents driverless racing car
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Audi claims to have the fastest automated vehicle in the world: The carmaker will send a driverless car onto the Hockenheim race track during the upcoming DTM touring car race.
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The Audi RS7 Sportback Piloted Driving concept vehicle will complete the Hockenheim loop at racing speed of some 240 kph (150 mph), with not driver on board, Audi said. The vehicle is equipped to drive at the physical limit with respect to speed and exactness. 3D cameras and a highly precise differential GPS system will complement the standard sensors, enabling the automated vehicle to reach approximately the same speed as a human professional race driver.

So far, test drives hint at a lap time or slightly more than two minutes for the distance of 4,76 km.

The presentation will be ahead of the official DTM race with human drivers on October 19. Audi plans to transmit the robot car trip live in the internet (see

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