SiC power MOSFET can take lots of heat

SiC power MOSFET can take lots of heat

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There are many places in a car where it is not very enjoyable for a transistor to work because of the heat: Near the combustion engine, in the transmission box or in the oil sump. Designed for a maximum junction temperature of 225°C, the new Silicon Carbide (SiC) power MOSFET from TT Electronics withstands the conditions in such environments.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


Supplied in a high power dissipation, low thermal resistance, fully hermetic, ceramic SMD1 package the 25A, 650V rated SML25SCM650N2B also ensures faster switching and low switching losses in comparison to normal Si type MOSFETs, consequently the size of the passive components in the circuit can be reduced resulting in weight and space saving benefits. The N-channel MOSFET features a total power dissipation of 90W at a TJ temperature of 25 degrees. A range of screening options is available.


For use in applications that require faster switching in high temperature power conversion topologies and systems, the SML25SCM650N2B will find favour with design engineers working in industrial power conversion applications including oil drilling, distributed management control systems, renewable energy applications / power conversion, space systems and applications.


Silicon Carbide is the new semiconductor technology of choice to help power electronic design engineers design with more efficiency, with higher operating temperatures to lay the foundation for future conversion and control system design demands.  With the SML25SCM650N2B, the combination of SiC technology with a high reliability, industry standard outline hermetic packaging technology coupled with TT Electronics’ Lutterworth based design and manufacturing capability delivers value and high performance to the customer.


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