Software kit for C-V2X includes simulator

Software kit for C-V2X includes simulator

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Cohda Wireless has launched a Software Development Kit (SDK) for cellular C-V2X vehicle applications.
By Nick Flaherty


The C-V2X SDK includes a virtual simulation tool called vsim developed for Cohda that allows users to test applications ahead of deployment through high-quality, simulated drives that provide full playback capability for actual drive tests.

The Cohda C-V2X SDK is a self-contained virtual machine that allows developers with previous embedded Linux experience to quickly compile and run C-V2X applications in conjunction with hardware development platforms, such as those featuring the Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X chipset.

It also includes source code for Red Light Warning (RLW) and Road Side Alert (RSA) to demonstrate the various APIs and enable quick application development. There are also binaries for Forward Collision Warning, Emergency Electronic Brake light and Curve Speed Warning as well as RoadWorks Warning and Blind Spot Warning. Binaries for the Chinese maker include a Hazard Location Warning (HLW-CN), Abnormal Vehicle Warning, Speed Limit Warning, Red Light Violation Warning and Green Light Optimal Speed Advisor.

The SDK also includes the Tester Control Interfaces for performing conformance tests.

“The functional benefits of this SDK, especially the vsim component, have significant tangible value in the C-V2X ecosystem,” said Fabien Cure, Chief Engineer at Cohda Wireless. The V2X software supports both the cellular C-V2X and Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) as they are radio agnostic, and the Australian-headquartered firm remains the only V2X vendor to have technology deployed in multiple production vehicle platforms. The Chinese software binaries in the SDK are important to the C-V2X exclusive Chinese market where it has a presence in Shanghai.

Late last year, Cohda Wireless’s software stack was shown to be compliant with the latest Chinese standards and specifications at the IMT2020 conformance testing round. Cohda has also shown C-V2X interoperability at the last round of European Plugtest, and Plugfests in USA.

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