Software tool speeds development of complex autonomous systems

Software tool speeds development of complex autonomous systems

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Autonomous driving at SAE levels 4 and 5 requires the processing and distribution of enormous amounts of data within the vehicle and between the vehicle and the outside world. Real Time Innovations (RTI) has created the Connext tool family to enable application developers and electronics architects to manage the distribution of this data. The standards-based framework considerably simplifies this task.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


With Connext 6, manufacturers of autonomous systems can master technical challenges such as effectively managing sensor data with high bandwidth, easily integrating standardized interfaces and optimizing security for safety-critical systems. The new functions are compatible and interoperable with the RTI Connext product family: Connext DDS Secure, Professional, Micro and Cert.

This enables developers of autonomous vehicles to efficiently distribute sensor data with high bandwidth to autonomous system applications, including data acquisition, perception, visualization, mapping and display. To support large amounts of data, the software tool offers new functions for sending and receiving data optimized for large data samples.

Within the value chain, automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have the task of integrating components from a deeply tiered supplier environment. The complexity of this supply chain can lead to integration and safety issues. Connext 6 provides a data-centric, interoperable framework that supports all operating systems and processor families. The RTI software also promotes the use of the DDS standard in both the Autosar Adaptive Platform and the Robotic Operating System (ROS2). RTI Connext DDS Cert meets the requirements of ISO 26262 ASIL-D, the automotive standard for functional safety. In addition, Connext 6 also includes RTI Connext DDS Secure, the only security standard for real-time control and autonomous applications.

The Connext 6 product line will be available in the first quarter of 2019. RTI customers can request a preview version from their local sales representative.

A fully functional 30-day trial version of the current RTI Connext DDS can be downloaded here:

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