Speed / direction sensor is immune to vibration

Speed / direction sensor is immune to vibration

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With a new combination of a Hall effect integrated circuit and a rare earth magnetic pellet, Allegro Microsystems Europe claims to offer a particularly user-friendly solution for digital gear speed detection. The functionality of the device includes digital gear speed detection with directional detection and true zero-speed capability. It also runs patented algorithms for the special requirements of motor vehicles and camper vans. Beyond automotive applications, it is suitable for use in household appliances, fitness equipment and industrial equipment.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


The speed and direction of the target are transmitted via an output pulse with a variable pulse width. The ATS699’s performance is particularly immune to vibration, without affecting the maximum air gap potential or generating faulty directional pulses. Higher rotational vibrations, e.g. caused by the start of an engine are completely eliminated.

The advanced vibration detection algorithm systematically calibrates the sensor IC to the first tooth transition of the actual gear rotation and not to the vibration. An accurate signal is always guaranteed during operation. The advanced signal processing and innovative algorithms make the ATS699 an ideal solution for a variety of speed and directional sensor requirements.

The ATS699 is offered in the lead-free, 3-pin SIP housing tin-plated leadframe.

More information: https://www.allegromicro.com/en/Products/Magnetic-Speed-Sensor-ICs/Transmission-Sensor-ICs/ATS699.aspx

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