System-on-module uses latest NXP processor, targets vehicle gateways

System-on-module uses latest NXP processor, targets vehicle gateways

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The miriac MPX-S32G274A System-on-Module (SoM) from Microsys Electronics is powered by NXPs new S32G274A processor with quad Arm Cortex-A53 cores plus triple Arm Cortex-M7 dual-cores. The board computer combines ASIL D safety and hardware security with more than 10 times the real-time performance and networking throughput of NXP’s previous automotive gateway devices.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


The MPX-S32G274A SoM offers multiple native CAN interfaces as well as comprehensive FlexRay, LIN and Ethernet support. Primary target markets are real-time connected vehicles, mobile machinery and automotive test and measurement equipment. With native support for a total of 18 CAN interfaces, the MicroSys SoM is said to be ideal for developing comprehensive vehicle networks. Alternative designs that use generic expansion buses to connect CAN controllers generate high interrupt loads on the main processor. FPGAs are not an inexpensive alternative either; they also require additional development resources for FPGA programming.

“System-on-Modules such as the MicroSys miriac MPX-S32G274A SoM help engineers to accelerate their designs by allowing them to concentrate on the application development. It is way easier and more efficient to implement an application-ready super component including processor, RAM, and flash than to re-invent the wheel and start with a full-blown custom design from scratch,” explains Carlos Prada, Global Partner Director at NXP Semiconductors.

In all application areas, the new MicroSys SoM provides value with its AEC-Q100 Grade 2 (-40°C to 105°C) qualified processor. The Low Latency Communication Engine (LLCE) for automotive networks, which is optimized for data transfers, as well as its Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) for Ethernet networks, greatly reduces CPU workload. A Hardware Security Engine (HSE) for secure boot and encrypted data transfer provides the required comprehensive root of trust for connected IoT edge devices.

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