Temperature resistant sidefill reinforces solder connections

Temperature resistant sidefill reinforces solder connections

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The CV5797U sidefill material from Panasonic Corp. improves both the reliability and productivity of automotive electronic assemblies.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


As automotive sensing, control, and communications have become increasingly sophisticated and powerful, the electronic systems enabling them are becoming more complicated; semiconductor packages are getting larger, interconnects are getting smaller and system designers are packing more components on every square millimeter of circuit board real estate. As a result of the increased component density, semiconductor packages are subject to greater thermal stresses over their operational lifetime which fatigues the interconnect joints, leading to solder cracking and ultimately to device failure.

To address this problem, Panasonic is developing a portfolio of surface mount reinforcement materials including temperature-resistant sidefill, CV5797U. These products are based on Panasonic’s polymer formulation capabilities and flow control technologies. The new CV5797U sidefill is designed to prevent solder cracking by reinforcing the periphery of large semiconductor packages. Under ambient conditions, CV5797U has a pot life of 72 hours, which is three times as long as conventional sidefill. A longer pot life reduces material handling challenges, contributing to higher productivity in the electronic assembly process.

The product delivers the following benefits:

  • CV5797U improves assembly-level reliability by inhibiting solder joint failure. This material exhibits a combination of high Tg (160°C) and low CTE (14 ppm) to reduce stress on the solder joint during temperature cycles. The material at hand also shows exceptional temperature cycling performance, withstanding 6,000 cycles between -55°C and 125°C.
  • The material offers improved handling performance which translates into higher productivity during surface mount assembly. It reduces reinforcement process time by approximately 90% compared to a conventional underfill process. The new material can be applied by via jet dispensing for high throughput.
  • CV5797U improves the reliability of large surface mount package.

Suitable applications include reinforcing surface-mounted semiconductor packages and electronic components used in automotive camera modules, communication modules (millimeter-wave radar modules), ECUs, headlights, and more.

More information: https://industrial.panasonic.com/ww/products/electronic-materials/semiconductor-encapsulation/assy-em/hr2ndsf?ad=press20210302ww

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