Test suite allows TC8 validation of automotive TCP/IP stacks

Test suite allows TC8 validation of automotive TCP/IP stacks
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Hungarian software tool provider HCC Embedded has supplemented its Safety Integration TestBench with TC8 test cases for validating TCP/IP stacks. TC8 is the technical committee responsible for the OPEN Alliance Automotive Ethernet ECU test specification. It ensures that a TCP/IP stack meets the minimum standards for interoperability.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


The Safety Integration TestBench from HCC helps software developers to integrate the Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) TCP/IPv4 network stack. It comprises the comprehensive test suite for coverage and functional validation, which can be executed in a development environment or in identical form during integration in the target system. The Test Suite implements all TCP/IP tests specified in the TC8 Automotive Ethernet ECU test specification. It enables engineers to verify that the target TCP/IP stack meets this minimum specification for consistent communication onboard automobiles.

Since these TC8 test suites are part of HCC’s Safety Integration TestBench, automotive engineers can use a readily available test suite not only to prove that their network stack is TC8-compliant during development, but also to run the tests in the integrated vehicle. In addition, they can also test other network stacks independently of implementation and compare the results.

The new TC8 test cases complement the Autosar Test Suite from HCC for TCP/IP released earlier.


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