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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Auto Validate maps the relationships between software functions, allowing different versions of the software code to be compared. The solution thus simplifies the type approval process for automobile manufacturers by enabling them to accurately determine the required tests and provide the appropriate evidence to the regulatory authorities. This saves time and reduces costs.

The type approval process includes different procedures and regulations for vehicle registration depending on the country. In most countries, including all European countries as well as China, India and Japan, car manufacturers must demonstrate compliance to a national regulatory authority. In North America, on the other hand, a principle of self-regulation applies, whereby automobile manufacturers must provide detailed proof of compliance in the event of bug fixes or function updates on request.

Auto Validate helps to meet the growing requirements associated with new type approval regulations. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), which includes members from Europe, North America and Asia, is expected to adopt new regulations at the end of the year, which are detailed in the report of its WP.29 working group. WP.29 requires that the type approval be renewed after a software update, as long as the update does not only correct errors or close security gaps. The working group’s plans also provide that only limited testing will be required for a new type-approval as long as the new software functions only affect a small part of the vehicle software.

Auto Validate makes changes to existing functions clearly digitally traceable. This makes it easier to prove that a bug fix or security update has not added any new features to the software and therefore no new type approval is required. If new functions have been added to the vehicle, Auto Validate also documents which systems were affected by the update, reducing the amount of testing required for type approval.

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