TSN IP core turns chips real-time Ethernet ready

TSN IP core turns chips real-time Ethernet ready

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Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a set of standards allowing for the timed and prioritized transmission of real-time critical messages over standard Ethernet hardware. With the TSN IP Core, developers at Fraunhofer IPMS provide equipment manufacturers and operators the opportunity to make their devices fit for new TSN standards.
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Ethernet TSN is advantageous in that it allows data packets with real-time requirements to be prioritized ahead of less time-critical messages, and time-controlled and deterministically transmitted over standard Ethernet hardware throughout widely ramified networks. The TSN IP core includes hardware modules for time synchronization (IEEE 802.1AS) and data stream management (Traffic Shaping) according to IEEE 802.1 Qav and 802.1Qbv standards as well as a dedicated Ethernet MAC for low latency. Available as a synthesizable source code or a netlist, the IP Core uses standard AMBA or Avalon interfaces to facilitate integration with your own circuits and FPGA solutions.

Fraunhofer IPMS – www.ipms.fraunhofer.de

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