Vector allies with Somit Solutions for workshop software

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

While mechanics tend to become less important and electronics and software come to the fore, at the same time aftersales systems and processes need to transform in order to maintain a consistent level of customer service. Radically changing E/E architectures, new software features and the speed of change present new challenges for technicians. To overcome these challenges, it is critical that they have the appropriate aftersales tools and the most up-to-date information with which to complete their tasks quickly and easily.

With the increasing use of data-driven development tools and the trend towards in-house software development, much of the information needed in aftersales is already available in engineering today. In practice, however, the reuse of engineering data in aftersales systems is still limited. The usefulness of the few existing standards is limited by the lack of consistency in processes and tools. With their combined expertise spanning the entire engineering and aftersales lifecycle, Vector and Somit aim to provide more consistency.

Working with engineers and technicians from engineering and aftersales, the two companies will deliver insights, processes, integration services and training that facilitate collaboration and data sharing. This will bring benefits in terms of quality, efficiency, speed and cost, and make it possible to continuously deliver engineering data to aftersales systems.

Vector and Somit Solutions are open to discussions with vehicle manufacturers who wish to share their experiences, challenges and ambitions for delivering aftersales systems that keep pace with vehicle connectivity and create opportunities for further innovation. 

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