Versatile force sensor targets automotive, robotics, smartphones

Versatile force sensor targets automotive, robotics, smartphones

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In-vehicle controls are among the target applications, but also reservation and ticketing machines in public facilities. The HSFPAR007A Force Sensor from Alps Alpine are helping to make touch input commonplace.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


In March 2019, Alps Alpine developed and commenced mass production of the HSFPAR004A Force Sensor, which fits into the tip of a stylus pen for tablet PCs to enable accurate reproduction of drawing thickness corresponding to the pressure applied. Now the company has developed the HSFPAR007A Force Sensor, with a footprint of only 40% of the HSFPAR004A while retaining the basic performance capabilities of the earlier product.

The sensor detects stress as light as zero stroke (0.01N), enabling applications in robot arms and other parts of industrial equipment handling precision devices. Likewise, it can be integrated into an HMI interface concept for cars. The product has a wide range of potential uses as a sensor for detecting force along the Z axis. For example, it can be embedded beneath a touch panel or capacitive sensor to detect force applied to the operating surface and even ascertain whether an input operation was intentional or a mistake. 
Features include high sensitivity and linearity (2% FS); long operating life of 1 million cycles; capability of detecting stress as light as zero stroke (0.01N); and outstanding impact resistance achieved with a load-distributing design. The structure is unaffected by external magnetic or electric fields.

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