Vibration-resistant automotive SD card reader features push-lock system

Vibration-resistant automotive SD card reader features push-lock system

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The FPS009-4200-0(03) SD card reader from Yamaichi Electronics was especially designed for applications with increased requirements for mechanical stability, shock and vibration resistance. This makes this push-lock reader perfect for applications like in the automotive or industrial markets.
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The special feature is the "one-action lock" mechanism. A spring automatically locks the card into the insert with a ratchet hook on the side. To release the card, you simply push the ratchet hook back. The card is unlocked and spring pressure pushes it out visibly for convenient removal. This interlock mechanism ensures secure card positioning even in the face of strong vibrations and shock. This function is supported by a special contact design. So-called 2-point contacts secure contact reliability even at different vibration frequencies, so electrical power is not interrupted.

The wide temperature fluctuations occuring in automotive applications were also considered in the design. The materials were selected to guarantee use from –40 °C to +85 °C.

The closed metal housing and the four grounding tabs also ensure particularly good EMC behaviour. The reader has a spiral spring to permit the smooth, quick insertion and removal of the card (about 100 plug cycles). The design also ensures that SD cards with dimensions in the upper or lower tolerance range are subjected to optimum contact pressure.

The card reader supports cards that comply with the SDIO standard. Packaging and delivery is on tape reel belts.

In addition to this component, Yamaichi Electronics offers many other card connectors for all available Flash and SIM card types, in different form factors, such as micro-SIM, microSD, CompactFlash, xD Card, multicard versions, etc. 

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