White paper on levelling the playing field as regards foreign subsidies

By European Commission
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This White Paper is intended to launch a broad discussion with Member States, other European institutions, all stakeholders, including industry, social partners, civil society organisations, researchers, the public in general and any other interested party on the best way to effectively address the challenges identified. The White Paper first outlines the rationale for addressing foreign subsidies, including typical examples of foreign subsidies that appear to undermine the level playing field in the internal market. The White Paper then presents an analysis of the existing legal instruments to address foreign subsidies and discusses the question of a regulatory gap. Subsequently, the White Paper sets out preliminary substantive and procedural orientations for legal instruments to address the regulatory gap in relation to: Foreign subsidies distorting the internal market regarding the general market operation of economic operators active in the EU; acquisitions of EU undertakings; public procurement procedures; Foreign subsidies in the context of access to EU funding. Read More

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