12-switch matrix manager controls up to 24 LEDs

October 10, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Designers of high-performance automotive matrix lighting and adaptive driving beam light-emitting diode (LED) applications can now migrate to higher current devices while reducing solution size and improving flexibility with the MAX20092 12-switch matrix manager.

The IC minimizes thermal issues associated with LED matrix lighting applications by offering a low internal switch resistance resistance of 70 mOhm, which Maxim Integrated Products says is 65 percent lower than the closest competitive solution.
For OEMs designing in advanced safety features such as glare-free high beams along with LED and matrix lighting, the MAX20092 provides flexible current management. Twelve integrated switches control LEDs in string voltages up to 56V, saving design time and reducing complexity and allowing designers to configure 1 string x 12 series switches, 2 strings x 6 series switches, and 4 strings x 3 series switches from each IC. Maxim’s 12-switch LED matrix manager is offered in a 5x5mm TQFN package. The company has also introduced dual-channel, synchronous buck high-brightness LED controllers to work with the MAX20092, helping designers improve transient response times in LED lighting. Up to 27 MAX20092 devices can be used in parallel to manage large LED pixel count of up to 324 LEDs.

Maxim integrated - www.maximintegrated.com

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