125-laser lidar sensor comes at less than $2000

January 08, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
125-laser lidar sensor comes at sensationally low price
Robosense has introduced a simplified and shrunken version of its earlier solid-state automotive lidar sensor. The RS-LiDAR M1Simple is less than half the size of the previous version, and though the enhanced hardware “performing virtually equal to the serial production version provided to OEMs”, the device boasts a price of just below $1900.

The RS-LiDAR-M1Smart main body is embedded with an AI perception algorithm that, according to the vendor, takes fully advantage of lidar’s potential to transform conventional 3D lidar sensors to a full data analysis and comprehension system, outputting semantic-level structured environment information in real-time to be used directly for autonomous vehicle decision making.    
The M1 family features 125 laser beams, resulting in a field of view of 120 x 25 degrees. RoboSense claims that this is the largest field of view of any MEMS-based solid-state lidar sensor. The company uses 905nm lasers with low cost, automotive grade and small size instead of the more expensive 1550nm lasers. These data are accompanied by a record-breaking detection range of 150 meters at 10% NIST target. The frame rate is to 15Hz, which can reduce the impact of point cloud distortion caused by target movement.

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