800V motor for commercial vehicles achieves peak efficiency

February 15, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
800V motor for commercial vehicles achieves peak efficiency
BorgWarner has presented an electric motor for use in commercial vehicles with hybrid and electric drives. The HVH (High Voltage Hairpin) 320 is intended for operation on 800V batteries and boasts an efficiency of up to 97%.

With over 400 kW of power, the HVH320 supports vehicle manufacturers in their goal of developing an electric powertrain. Production of the motor is scheduled to start in 2024. An unspecified European truck OEM has already been booked as a customer.

Thanks to the 800V architecture, the charging time can be significantly reduced and a higher power density can be achieved, the manufacturer says. The motor is part of a modular platform, so it can be built in four variants.

The noise-reduced HVH320 achieves a torque of up to 1270 Nm. Due to its architecture, the motor with associated control electronics supports battery recuperation when braking or driving downhill.

The HVH 320 is the latest addition to the BorgWarner HVH motor series, which is offered for both light passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles. The versatile motors feature a patented stator winding, are easy to integrate and are available either with a complete housing or as a rotor/stator assembly. They can also be used in many different positions within the drive architecture.

BorgWarner also offers inverters that support the 800V architecture.

More information: www.borgwarner.com

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