Advanced drive platform tackles mountain bike makers

September 10, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Advanced drive platform tackles mountain bike makers
Shimano has developed a drive unit that specifically targets mountain bikes. Optimized for off-road performance, the STEPS DU-E8000 is not only a motor/battery combination but also includes intelligent assist algorithms to deliver the right power at any time.

Shimano couples introduction of its first mountain bike drive with an updated E-Tube Project software. The revamped E app provides new customization options in a user-friendly layout that’s easy to access for quick and easy changes. The E-Tune Ride app, which turns a smart phone into a cycling computer, provides expanded information and adds ride recording and mapping features. Next generation e-tube wires have increased speed and bandwidth in a smaller and lighter package.

EP8 delivers up to 85 Nm of torque, a 21-percent increase over the STEPS E8000 motor platform. The magnesium drive unit casing design delivers a 300g weight loss in a 10-percent smaller form factor. The EP8 drive unit shape more smoothly integrates with new e-bike frames for improved ground clearance and a more compact overall package.

Heat dissipating materials, increased surface area in the case, and a refined heat management algorithm improve heat resistance, allowing more torque to be applied even as the conditions become more challenging. Thanks to a new seal structure and gear design, drag is reduced by 36 %, getting closer to the normal pedaling feeling of a traditional bike.

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