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September 10, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Advanced drive platform tackles mountain bike makers
Shimano has developed a drive unit that specifically targets mountain bikes. Optimized for off-road performance, the STEPS DU-E8000 is not only a motor/battery combination but also includes intelligent assist algorithms to deliver the right power at any time.

The new EP8 computer display (SC-EM800) comes with new features including a more powerful chipset, expanded compatibility with third party computers, and the ability to select two different custom ride profiles.

The computer communicates wirelessly with Shimano’s E-Tube Project app via Bluetooth, allowing riders to customize power characteristics on demand. The SC-EM800 can also communicate with third party cycle computers through the ANT wireless protocol to display more detailed battery capacity and power output info in addition to ride mode, speed, gear position, range and odometer.

New batteries recently released by Shimano are available for EP8, including two 630Wh battery options, the external BT-E8016 and internal BT-E8036 battery. Like their predecessors, all Shimano STEPS batteries are taking up to 1000 full charge cycles while maintaining 60 % of their original capacity, double the charge cycle capacity of other batteries, Shimano claims.

The company also developed suitable algorithms to provide maximum control to the user. Instead of a single assist ratio for each riding mode, the new algorithm constantly calculates the ideal assist ratio for the situation. This concept improves the ride quality in all situations, eliminating the lurch forward and wasted energy as the bike accelerates while also continuing to provide additional assistance when the trail gets tougher and the rider works harder.

With all 85 Nm of torque being available in TRAIL mode and the algorithm continually increasing the assist ratio, it’s possible to ride all terrain without changing modes. At the same time Shimano promises a more economic way to spend the battery’s energy, which translates into a range increase.

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