AEC-Q200-qualified ultra-high-precision chip resistors, in distribution

April 30, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
AEC-Q200-qualified ultra-high-precision chip resistors, in distribution
Designed for applications around automotive batteries as well as for industrial applications, the new RS73 series of high-reliability thick-film chip resistors from KOA is now available through RS Components.

The RS73 series of ultra-high-precision metal-glaze thick-film resistors offer tolerances of ±0.1% and a TCR of 25 ppm/°C. The series has also shown excellent long-term stability characteristics in reliability tests with resistance changing only by ±0.2%, typically, or up to ±0.4% with long-term exposure to higher temperatures in harsh environments.

A key feature of the range is that the devices are AEC-Q200 qualified for use in automotive. In addition, the series employs the manufacturer’s advanced technological know-how to protect against ‘sulfuration’. In this process, inner electrodes of chip resistors can react with sulphur gas, leading to the creation of silver sulphide and possible circuit disconnection.

Offering a resistance range from 100- up to 1M-Ohm, other key characteristics include an operating voltage of up to 100V, and up to 150V overload voltage; and an operating temperature range of –55 up to +155°C. Designed for surface mounting, the chip resistor series comes with lead-free terminations to meet EU RoHS requirements, and is suitable for both flow and reflow soldering processes.

The KOA RS73 thick-film chip resistor range is now shipping from RS in EMEA, Asia Pacific and North America.

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