AI accelerator for automotive network processor

November 30, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
AI accelerator for automotive network processor
Hailo module enables performance boost for artificial intelligence in situational awareness, autonomous driving and predictive maintenance applications

MicroSys Electronics' miriac AIP-S32G274A embedded SoM (system-on-module) platform, which is based on the NXP S32G automotive network processor - now supports Hailo-8 AI accelerator modules. The result of MicroSys' partnership with AI chip manufacturer Hailo, this combination delivers a performance up to 52 TOPS for ASIL D-safe zonal gateways and real-time control applications in autonomous vehicles and stationary machines. The application-ready SoM-based AI platform targets a wide range of industrial and mobility markets. Examples include zonal automotive controls, ADAS, construction machinery controls, intelligent agricultural robots and autonomous logistics vehicles. The solution meets all OEM requirements in terms of industrial batch sizes, quality and long-term availability, the manufacturer promises.

The SoM-based miriac AIP-S32G274A platform can integrate up to two advanced Hailo-8 AI accelerators to achieve the maximum AI performance of 52 TOPS. As a result, it provides world-class processing performance and deep-learning capabilities for distributed situational awareness. The platform delivers exceptional AI processing performance in several standard NN benchmarks: 2,450 frames per second (FPS) on Resnet-50, 2,100 FPS on Mobilenet-V1 SSD and up to 380 FPS on YOLOv5m. The new miriac AIP-S32G274A embedded platform, which combines the Hailo-8 AI processor with MicroSys' Arm Cortex NXP Automotive S32G platforms, thus offers customers an efficient way to implement AI in their networked edge devices.

The miriac AIP-S32G274A AI starter kit is a highly efficient base platform for cost-effective custom designs in industrial quantity, quality and long-term availability - it includes everything needed for evaluation and development. This includes an IEC 61508 and ASIL D compliant miriac MPX-S32G274 SoM with four Arm Cortex-A53 cores plus three Arm Cortex-M7 dual cores, one or two Hailo-8 AI processor modules, a carrier board with Ethernet with TSN, PCIe, USB, SPI and I²C as well as standard automotive buses such as Flexray (2x), LIN (4x) or CAN (16x plus 2x CAN FD) and a cable set. Developers also have access to the extensive AI and development tools offered

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