AI-based system warns drivers of obstacles

October 10, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
AI-based system warns drivers of obstacles
A software development kit is now available for the HERE platform of digital live maps, which uses artificial intelligence to transform front cameras into intelligent vehicle sensors. Software providers can thus significantly increase the safety level of vehicles with comparatively simple means.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the HERE Live Sense SDK transforms devices with front cameras such as smartphones, dashcams or vehicle cameras into smart vehicle sensors. These can permanently capture their surroundings. They can identify objects such as other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists as well as traffic lights and traffic signs and potential hazards such as potholes, road closures or construction sites.

Based on the collected data, the HERE Life Sense SDK then informs drivers via audio and image notifications so that they can adapt their driving behaviour accordingly. This is done in real time on the device itself, without the need for cloud data processing or an Internet connection. The SDK is also capable of comparing changes in the route with the navigation system map and informing the driver of current changes, such as changes in speed limits.

The Live Sense SDK uses multiple AI/ML detection models to detect and classify objects on the road. These include the detection of unexpected changing conditions such as road closures not yet shown on the map, construction sites and temporary road works. The software can also recognize and classify traffic signs.

The SDK is aimed at automobile manufacturers, fleet operators, ride hailing providers and app developers. They can thus integrate the AI/ML detection models into applications or devices and make AI functionalities available to their customers. The SDK is currently available in a beta version for Android and will soon also be available for iOS. In addition, the platform provider is already working with customers on initial commercial implementations.

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