Aptiv, Valens develop architecture platform for smart vehicles

January 15, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Aptiv, Valens develop architecture platform for smart vehicles
With a cross-domain central architecture, the technology providers Aptiv and Valens want to improve the performance of compute platforms for autonomous vehicles. To this end, the system partners want to increase flexibility and reduce costs. The means to achieve this are a reduction in data connections and component count.

Valens has partnered with Aptiv to develop their Smart Vehicle Architecture (SVA) platform, which reduces the number of connections and individual devices within vehicles with a centralized, shared architecture, leading to increased flexibility and redundancy, and reducing total system costs.

Valens' technology enables the transmission of ultra-high-speed data over a simple infrastructure (such as UTP) for long-data signal distances up to 15metres / 50ft, simplifying in-vehicle connectivity and supporting centralized and remote computer systems. Valens allows for the convergence of a range of interfaces, including PCIe, Ethernet, audio and controls over the same link. Valens' chipsets are embedded into the SVA's PowerData Center (PDC) modules.

"In-vehicle data needs are increasing exponentially, and the ability to transmit such bandwidth through a single system considerably simplifies the overall in-vehicle data architecture," said Daniel Adler, Vice President, Automotive Business Unit at Valens. "Valens' ability to transmit multi-Gig PCIe over a single UTP unlocks infinite possibilities, helping Aptiv's SVA revolutionize the connected and autonomous car, and bringing a resilient and high performing platform to address current architecture challenges."

"Today's vehicle architectures have reached an impasse and are no longer able to handle the rapidly increasing software and hardware complexity of feature-rich and highly automated vehicles," said Lee Bauer, Vice President, Mobility Architecture Group at Aptiv. "Valens is a terrific partner, and we look forward to continuing our work together to help automakers reduce vehicle architecture complexity, unlock new software-enabled functionality, and deliver better life cycle management, while empowering our customers to fully control the software that defines the user experience of their vehicles."


More information:   https://www.valens.com/automotive-solutions

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