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March 25, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Aqueous fuel to revolutionize hydrogen transport and refuelling
Australian-Israeli startup company Electriq~Global aims to simplify the hydrogen transport and refuelling infrastructure thanks to a safe water-based and hydrogen-rich fuel it developed together with a catalytic system that efficiently releases hydrogen on demand for any third-party fuel cells.

“The catalyst needs to be changed every 10,000 working hours or about once or twice a year depending on mileage. It is a bit like changing your oil filter today. The cost will be within the boundaries of today’s automotive maintenance costs” answered Michrowski.

“We will produce the catalyst and tier one OEMs will design and manufacture the system on-board the vehicle. The catalyst compound is made of simple elements, no rare materials or noble metals”.

The CEO said it is still not clear if it will make economic sense to recycle the catalyst although all options are on the table. It may be a matter or cleaning or renewing the catalyst part.

Discussing overall fuel energy efficiency, Michrowski said that from taking the spent fuel, transporting it to a recycling centre, recycling it by adding hydrogen, transporting it back to the filling station, then using it in a car to generate energy, the fuel was 45% efficient (not including the heat generated at the fuel cell), arguing that this could go up to 70% if energy was harvested from the heat too.

Talking about the commercialization of its technology, Michrowski says the company’s first products to market will likely be portable generators, within two years from now. The second market inroad will be with technology for the transport of hydrogen to filling stations. “We are active in some projects where we build a demonstrator, we show the technical and economic feasibility of H2 transport from the chemical plants to the filling stations” the CEO said.

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