Authenticator chip guarantees origin of electronic car components

January 12, 2021 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Authenticator chip guarantees origin of electronic car components
Connected and automated cars require a high level only of safety, but also of cyber security. To ensure that no counterfeit or manipulated spare parts are used, Maxim Integrated Products has developed an authenticator chip which enables the verification of genuine components in ADAS, EV batteries and other electronic systems.

Designers of electronic automotive systems can now enhance safety, security and data integrity for connected vehicle systems while also reducing both complexity and code development time by authenticating genuine components with the DS28E40 DeepCover automotive secure authenticator from Maxim. The DS28E40 is a parasitically-powered authenticator utilizing its 1-Wire interface for connectivity. The IC promises to reduce the software vulnerability to ensure only genuine components are used for many electronic systems, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and electric vehicle batteries.

Today, automotive manufacturers use authentication in two ways: to ensure only OEM-certified components are safely connected to vehicle systems and to reduce the growing threat of malware attacks. However, most full-blown secure microcontrollers have a relatively big footprint and require software development teams to create, rigorously test and debug their code. Here are the problems with current microcontroller-based solutions: The bigger the code base is, the higher the risk of bugs or malware adversely affecting performance. Plus, I²C and SPI interface automotive security solutions available on the market may require many interface pins—as many as five or six, including dedicated power and reset lines. More pins can lead to higher costs and more reliability issues.

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