Automotive buck-boost controller shrinks USB power delivery

October 13, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive buck-boost controller slashes cost and size
The MAX25430 USB Power Delivery (PD) buck-boost controller from Maxim Integrated Products permits reducing the design size up to 40% and at the same time eliminates metal enclosures and heat sinks, resulting in 25 % lower cost than competitive solutions.

Automotive multimedia hubs, including rear-seat entertainment modules and head-units, are all expanding in capability as more USB PD chargers are integrated into passenger vehicle cabins. However, there are size, cost and power constraints – and the MAX25430 is said to address all of these.

The device integrates a USB Type C Port Controller (TCPC) power regulator, V CONN cable power supply, buck-boost and protection thereby eliminating heat-sink requirements and metal box enclosures to further slash design size by 40 % compared to competitive multi-IC solutions. In addition, the chip runs 20°C cooler at full power compared to competitive automotive USB PD solutions. It needs only one microcontroller (MCU) regardless of the number of ports, while competitors require additional MCUs per port. 

For a complete solution, Maxim Integrated also offers the  MAX25410automotive USB PD port protector and the  MAX25431 automotive 40V H-bridge buck-boost controller, meeting a wide array of USB charger design needs.

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