Automotive communications processor enables service-oriented architectures

January 06, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive communications processor enables service-oriented architectures
The increasing automotive connectivity requires completely new hardware structures for car electronics. In this way, NXP is introducing a new network processor that controls all communication between the car and the cloud or backend IT. The processor is also designed for new software structures: It allows developers the design of gateways that enable service-oriented architectures.

In the run-up to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), NXP presented a new generation vehicle network processor, the S32G. The chip extends NXP's existing S32 processor family and provides the basis for implementing new software services in the vehicle and between vehicles and the back end. The aim is to reduce the excessive complexity of vehicle software. At the same time, the processor contains extensive provisions for improving the cyber security of cars - a topic that is increasingly becoming a focus of developers as vehicles are more intensively connected to IT infrastructures.

Future generations of networked vehicles, OEMs and tier one developers agree, will require a radical change in performance and security to implement data-driven functions. The S32G is designed to take vehicle networking to a new level by providing secure data transmission and protecting security-relevant applications from cyber-attacks. According to NXP, it is the world's first integration of classic MCUs with powerful, ASIL-D-capable application processors and network acceleration capabilities. As a result, it has a significantly higher functional scope than previously possible.

The development towards autonomously driving as well as connected and electrified vehicles allows (and needs) a wide range of data-based services. Usage-dependent insurance, monitoring of vehicle condition, and fleet management services for business people are just some of the possibilities currently being prepared by car manufacturers and which are now to be made possible by this new processor.

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