Automotive display PMIC shrinks power supplies, reduces design complexity

January 07, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive display PMIC shrinks power supplies, reduces design complexity
Automotive electronics system designers can now increase the number of displays per vehicle while reducing design complexity by using Maxim Integrated Products' MAX16923 4-output display power supply IC and watchdog timer. This highly integrated PMIC replaces up to five common ICs, significantly reducing the form factor of the design.

Digital displays are becoming increasingly common in car interiors as OEMs seek to make cars more attractive with advanced instrument clusters, infotainment, heads-up displays, center displays, rear seat consumer electronics, and smart mirror applications. A key challenge for circuit designers is to find a space for the control circuits, including their power supplies, as they must compete for space with a variety of other electronic systems in the car.

The highly integrated MAX16923 with four output voltages includes both a high-voltage and a low-voltage step-down converter, a high-voltage and a low-voltage LDO (low dropout) regulator, electromagnetic interference (EMI) reduction and a watchdog timer in a single IC. The high level of integration allows an automotive power solution of four or five ICs to be reduced to a single chip without a significant temperature rise. This also helps to simplify design complexity and reduces the size of the power solution by up to 50 percent compared to the nearest competing solution. In addition, EMI optimization and the watchdog timer improve the reliability of the individual displays.

The MAX16923 is the first automotive PMIC to integrate five functions (HV down-converter and LDO, LV down-converter and LDO, and watchdog timer) in a single IC. Reducing a five-chip solution to a single chip reduces board space requirements by up to 50 percent, resulting in a smaller board size and lower bill of materials (BOM) costs. Spread-spectrum, optimized switching regulators with optimized switching frequency and programmable switching frequency reduce electromagnetic interference and provide low noise supply voltages to the display.

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