Automotive Ethernet test system automates testing

February 10, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive Ethernet test system automates testing
With the Automotive Ethernet Tester AET, Ruetz System Solutions is introducing a highly automated test system for switching tests in accordance with the Open Alliance TC-8 specification. The system is also suitable for AVB/TSN tests at component level.

The Automotive Ethernet Tester is a further development of Ruetz' own test platform to provide vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with a comprehensive test system for the new specifications. It supplements the manufacturer's Ethernet Live Monitor, which focuses on error analysis of Ethernet data traffic. The AET generates different load and speed scenarios and records them with the appropriate data acquisition. The test suites contain various test cases as a basis for the respective test scopes. Currently available are test suites for Open Alliance TC8 switching, Automotive gPTP, 1722 and QAV. Test suites for QBV and other TSN functions are under development.

The test cases are script-based and are parameterized prior to a test run via a single configuration file that contains all relevant properties of the device under test (DUT). The DUT and the test cases can be easily configured via intuitive user interfaces. Users can select the individual test cases from a continuously updated database and combine them into a new test run by drag-and-drop.

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