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February 05, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive industry to massively expand investments in smart factories
The automotive industry plans to increase its investment in the construction of smart factories by more than 60% over the next three years. This puts it ahead of other industries. A current study by the Capgemini Research Institute states that the construction of smart factories can increase productivity by more than $160 billion.

According to the study, only a small proportion of automotive companies are currently able to fully exploit the advantages of the smart factory. The study classifies 72% of the companies in the automotive value chain as "beginners", while only 10% are "pioneers" and thus equipped to exploit the full potential of intelligent factories. There is a certain gap between the OEMs and suppliers: Among OEMs, 18 % are among the pioneers, among suppliers only 8 %.

The most important results of the study at a glance:

In the last two years, 30% of the factories have been converted into smart ones. This pace exceeded the expectations of 2017/18, because two years ago the managers surveyed still assumed a 24% share.

The automotive industry has set itself ambitious targets for the next five years and plans to convert 44% of its factories into smart plants. This puts it in a leading position worldwide compared with other industries. In the discrete manufacturing sector (excluding the automotive industry), for example, the share of intelligent factories is to be increased by 42% by 2025, followed by the process industry with 41%, the energy and utilities sector with 40% and the consumer goods industry with 37%.

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