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December 18, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive innovation: The winner is ... Mercedes
In a long-term comparison, Mercedes-Benz remains the most innovative car brand - at least according to a study by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM). The multi-year study also names two surprising winners.

Audi and BMW were at significantly lower levels of 42 and 36, respectively. Tesla (23 world firsts) is also significantly lower, but there are some particularly highly rated electric drive innovations, e.g. the highest purely electric range in a luxury sedan (Model S) and an SUV (Model X).

From Mercedes to McLaren: The most innovative carmakers 
© Center of Automotive Management

While there are few changes in the midfield (Volvo, JLR and Porsche hold their places), the Toyota brand Lexus has gained ground. The first Digital Side View Monitor in the ES or the learning navigation system "Predictive Efficient Drive" in the UX, for example, led to this.

It is noticeable that two new brands are represented in the top 15: Nio (Next EV) and Wey (GreatWall) are the first purely Chinese brands (apart from Volvo under Geley leadership) to come closer to Western premium brands in terms of innovation. Although only founded in 2017, Nio has even launched two world firsts: the battery change concept (after the failed Better Place project) and the digital assistant Nomi.


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