Automotive P-channel MOSFETs now in space-saving package

May 11, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive P-channel MOSFETs now in space-saving package
Nexperia has launched a family of P-channel MOSFETs in a space-saving LFPAK56 package, offering a footprint reduction of more than 50& compared to the widespread DPAK package for such devices – without compromising the performance. Previously, only N-channel MOSFETs were available in this package.

Available in 30 V – 60 V, with RDS(on) down to 10 mΩ(30 V), the new P-channel MOSFETs meet the AEC-Q100 standard for automotive semiconductors. The LFPAK package, featuring a copper-clip structure, was pioneered by Nexperia and has been used in demanding applications such as automotive for almost 20 years. The vendor claims that it is significantly more reliable than required by the AEC standard, exceeding key reliability test by 2x, whilst increasing board level reliability due to the unique package construction. Previously, only N-channel devices have been available in LFPAK packaging. Now, due to industry demand, Nexperia has extended its LFPAK56 portfolio to also include P-channel options. The new P-channel MOSFETs target automotive applications such as reverse polarity protection and as a high side switch for seat adjustment, sunroof and window operation. They are also suitable for industrial applications such as 5G base stations.

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