Automotive radar echo generation, and radome measurements, instrument package

October 11, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
Automotive radar echo generation, and radome measurements, instrument package
Rohde & Schwarz is developing a new range of solutions for automotive radar testing based on its activites in microwave and millimeterwave testing, and is currently previewing the “bundle” it has configured.

The set-up will include the R&S AREG100A automotive radar echo generator for reliable testing of radar sensors in production. The R&S AREG100A supports all automotive radar bands (24 GHz, 76 GHz and 79 GHz). Up to three user-definable fixed radar distances plus an optional Doppler offset for simulation of radial velocity suit it for production testing.

Together with the R&S ATS1000 shielded chamber and the R&S QuickStep test execution software, it ensures fail-safe testing of automotive radar sensors. With this setup, end-of-line testing becomes a standardized, conclusive process to ensure continuous quality control of radar sensors. With its small footprint and low weight, the R&S AREG100A can be easily integrated into existing test racks for final inspection of integrated radar sensors.

Quality automotive radome scanner; Rohde & Schwarz has developed the R&S QAR specifically to characterize the performance of automotive radar covers such as emblem radomes and car bumpers. The test solution uses an imaging technique that allows very fast measurement of the reflectivity of the DUT. Car manufacturers can now precisely localize and identify any material errors or inhomogeneous material that might impact the sensor’s performance. A complete frequency sweep from 75 GHz to 82 GHz is used to measure material attenuation in the 77 GHz and 79 GHz automotive radar ranges. With both sets of measurements, the R&S QAR offers the comprehensive and detailed analysis required for future radar generations. The R&S QAR is scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2018.

Fast automotive radar testing; Rohde & Schwarz has also previewed a breakthrough technology in testing and evaluating radar, that allows precise angle simulation.


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