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July 03, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive software design: The multiprocessing challenge
Advanced Driver Assistance systems need increasingly more computing power. But not just processing power: Processing data from such disparate sensor types as cameras, radar, speed and steering angle detectors, these systems also require different ways to handle, process, store, and forward these data. In Munich, the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) recently discussed the consequences resulting from these requirements.

In contrast to consumer electronics, automotive software typically has to meet strict real-time requirements, highlighted Michael Deubzer from tool vendor Timing Architects. The company offers multicore software tools that enable static and dynamic distribution of the software across multiple cores, whereas in automotive environments however, today only static distribution is relevant. “In automotive environments, you won’t find many symmetric multicore devices”, he said. “In most cases, the cores are slightly different – which however has to be taken into account by the developer”.

Jens Harnisch, Tool Line Manager at chip vendor Infineon, pointed out that now is the time to do away with legacy software in the car. “Through the introduction of multicore software we have triggered the problems to some extend”, Harnisch said. “But multicore processors offer a good opportunity to straighten out the software. This will be necessary anyway”. Harnisch highlighted tracing as the method of choice to debug multicore software other than the classical debug approach with breakpoints. “it is much faster and makes programmers more productive that step-by-step debugging”, Harnisch said. “In the future, we will see more tracing also in production devices. And it will become affordable”, he added.

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