Autonomous/ADAS reference architecture captures, manages sensor data

September 01, 2021 // By Rich Pell
Autonomous/ADAS reference architecture captures, manages sensor data
Data storage and management company Quantum Corporation has announced the release of a new end-to-end reference architecture for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) systems.

The the unique architecture, says the company, is designed to address the specific needs of every stage of ADAS/AD development by enhancing the acquisition, movement, storage, and curation of the data necessary to develop autonomous vehicle software.

"Although still relatively nascent, organizations developing autonomous vehicles are at a crossroads," says Jamie Lerner, president and CEO, Quantum. "The volume of data being captured is increasing exponentially, presenting an urgent need for speed, capacity and cost-efficiency in the data management lifecycle. As the experts in unstructured data capture, storage, management, and enrichment, we are leading the way in delivering a complete portfolio of end-to-end solutions and lab-proven technology that delivers the industry's best performance, capacity and scalability - all requirements for ADAS/AD solutions - at a fraction of the cost. This new reference architecture empowers ADAS developers to build the self-driving vehicles of tomorrow."

The vast amount of data generated during autonomous vehicle development illustrates the scale of challenges faced by AV manufacturers, says the company. Test vehicles typically capture terabytes of sensor data per hour generated by multiple video cameras, LiDARs, and radars. ADAS/AD development systems rely on collecting and processing these large amounts of unstructured data to build sophisticated machine learning (ML) models and algorithms, requiring intelligent and efficient data management.

The data processing in an AV development system starts with capturing data in a test vehicle. The Quantum R6000 is an ultra-fast automotive and mil-spec edge storage device explicitly developed for high-speed data capture in challenging, rugged environments including car, truck, airplane, and other moving vehicles. It provides a large data storage capacity necessary for the in-vehicle logger to store the collected sensor data for an extended period of time, all in a small form factor that makes it well suited for self-driving test vehicles.

The R6000 is designed to withstand the demands of a rugged environment and is purpose-built for high availability and reliability. Once data is captured,

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