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October 31, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Babylonian confusion in the V2X space?
With the new Golf VIII from Volkswagen, which was presented recently, for the first time a high-volume vehicle is entering the mass market that can communicate with other vehicles via V2X. The market for automated communication between vehicles is thus gaining considerable momentum. However, Volkswagen's communication technology is not compatible with that of other manufacturers. Is there a threat of Babylonian language confusion on the road?

Planned functional extensions are V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) and V2P (Vehicle-to-Pedestrian) as well as the general integration of the C-V2X standard regulations on Vulnerable Road Users (VRU). "The latter represents an essential strategic focus, as we are convinced that pedestrians, cyclists and eScooter drivers can only be included in the smartphones through the introduction of C-V2X. The initial integration of C-V2X into smartphones has already been announced to us (still under confidentiality obligation) and will soon be publicly available," the BMW spokesperson explained.

At present, BMW – probably like other leading vehicle manufacturers - is developing series vehicles with the LTE-V2X PC5 Sidelink Standard according to 3GPP Release 14. Extended functions are to include the 5G-V2X Release 15 and 16 standard. Releases 15 and 16 will be jointly processed in 5GAA with Volkswagen, among others. Volkswagen is also a member of this organization and is thus also preparing for the C-V2X standard. However, the company does not comment on its future plans for C-V2x roofs. It is clear, however, that  Release 17 is already in the works, which will incorporate aspects of cyber security into the standard - and that Release 17 "will definitely not be compatible with Release 16," explained Stefan Hanika-Heidl, CTO of software house Neusoft. Neusoft must know, because it has developed a complete V2X stack and the associated test procedure for the Chinese market.

So is there a threat of Babylonian language confusion on the streets? Ultimately, V2X technology should bring more safety to road traffic - and that is only possible if all vehicles speak the same "language"?

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