BASF devises plastic material for fuel cell components

March 19, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
BASF devises plastic material for fuel cell components
In a joint effort, chemical company BASF, vehicle manufacturer Daimler and Joma-Polytec have implemented parts of a fuel cell made of the plastic Ultramid.

The Ultramid components developed in this joint effort are now used in the series version of Daimler's compact SUV Mercedes GLC F-Cell, which is powered by a combination of fuel cell and lithium-ion battery. The high quality and safety requirements in the automotive industry pose major challenges for the materials. With advanced polyamides and the plastics polyoximethylene (Ultraform) and polyethersulfone (Ultrason), BASF accompanies new developments from automobile manufacturers. Technical properties and high functionality are of great importance. Ultramid polyamide was selected for the Mercedes GLC F- Cell because of its good thermal and chemical resistance, dynamic strength, toughness and good long-term service properties, BASF says.

"Since previous tests with other materials revealed mechanical problems, Daimler had specific requirements for the material," explains Stefan Milimonka, Key Account Manager in BASF's Performance Materials division. "Based on our expertise in plastic components for automobiles, we worked with our partners to develop solution proposals and identify the right material.

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