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September 11, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Big leap in innovation for China’s carmakers, study says
While Chinese carmakers had hitherto been ahead of the field primarily in the field of electric mobility, they are now also catching up in the connectivity functions and services for cars, as the current Connected Car Innovation Index (CCI) shows. Nine car manufacturers from China made it into the top 20 - more than ever before.

If we look at the innovative strength in the Connected Car sector by country group, the German manufacturers can be satisfied, according to the study. Their innovative strength rose to 320 index points compared to 2017, their Chinese competitors are well behind in second place, but also improved strongly from 98 to 175 index points. On the other hand, the innovative strength of the American and Japanese manufacturers has dropped significantly to third and fourth place respectively and is now only around 60 points each. (Figure 1).

Connected car innovation strength by countries (related to the overall
innovation strength) Source: CAM

Looking at innovation strength by company, however, three German manufacturers are still ahead. Daimler is the leader in Connected Car innovations. In the new Connected Car Innovation Ranking (CCI), Daimler even overtook the VW Group with a firework of innovations and took second place. BMW ranks third in the ranking and is one place down on the previous year (Figure 2).

Connected Car innovation strength by OEM / Number of innovations
Source: CAM

All in all, the Chinese manufacturers have also improved considerably in the individual assessment and, with nine car manufacturers, are among the top 20 - more than ever before. Geely (including Volvo) is the first Chinese car manufacturer to advance to fourth place, taking a giant leap - in 2017 Geely was still in 13th place. SAIC also improved strongly from 16th to 7th place. This was followed by the Chinese manufacturers NextEV (10), Great Wall (12), Dongfeng (13), Changan (14), FMC (15), BAIC (16) and Chery (20).

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