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September 11, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Big leap in innovation for China’s carmakers, study says
While Chinese carmakers had hitherto been ahead of the field primarily in the field of electric mobility, they are now also catching up in the connectivity functions and services for cars, as the current Connected Car Innovation Index (CCI) shows. Nine car manufacturers from China made it into the top 20 - more than ever before.

The Chinese are significantly stronger than Germany, especially in terms of market size and the number and strength of big data players, which are particularly important for the implementation of car-connected innovations and services. The demand for CC technologies in China is almost seven times greater than in Germany. The worldwide ranking for market size and digital strength of the country continues to lead China by a large margin ahead of the USA, while the German index value for market size and digital strength has halved within a year.

Stefan Bratzel, head of the study, comments: "In the networked mobility of the future, cooperation between automobile manufacturers and big data players is playing an increasingly important role. Chinese manufacturers are profiting more and more from the enormous digital strength of their home country. For German automobile manufacturers, on the other hand, the digital weakness of their country of origin could prove to be a brake pad for further networking innovations."

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