Blockchain solution to ensure conformity of vehicle parts and production

April 21, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Blockchain solution to ensure conformity of vehicle parts and production
A number of technology companies and automotive suppliers around French carmaker Renault have joined forces in a development partnership. The aim is to introduce XCEED, a blockchain-based approach to ensure the traceability of vehicle parts.

In addition to Renault, the XCEED development partnership includes suppliers Faurecia, Knauf Industries and Simoldes, as well as the Turkish sheet metal specialist Coşkunöz. On the information technology side, IBM is the leading head of the group.

XCEED stands for "eXtended Compliance End-to-End Distributed". The system provides a platform for the traceability of the regulatory compliance of components and design processes for the entire ecosystem of the European automotive industry. This is the industry's way of complying with tougher legal regulations in the future: In September 2020, new market surveillance regulations came into force, introducing increased regulatory controls for vehicles already on the market. The entire production chain must therefore adapt its structure to respond to the regulatory authorities within shorter timeframes.

In addition, the manufacturer ecosystems aim to meet customer demands and strengthen the competitiveness and technological sovereignty of the European industry. XCEED is designed to give all automotive industry players worldwide, from multinationals to SMEs, access to a powerful, common digital tool.

XCEED uses the blockchain to create a trusted network for sharing compliance information between parts/systems manufacturers, throughout the supply chain to end vehicle manufacturers. The platform will help ensure better and more efficient compliance management, while respecting each company’s confidentiality, intellectual property, and data ownership. Having a unique but distributed platform across the automotive ecosystem is a very good way for the industry to answer to the growing requirements of regulation without multiplying complex data reconciliations.

Thereby there is a significant potential that the European automotive industry as a whole can benefit by improving information exchange and increasing trust within and outside the ecosystem through automatic sharing, checks and alerts of data in near real time. The solution is the result of the initial action led by its founding partners and based on an open governance approach to welcome new participants. It is also realised in


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