BMW-led consortium plans to establish green battery production in Europe

October 16, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
BMW-led consortium plans to establish green battery production in Europe
When it comes to battery production, Europe depends on East Asia, and lithium-ion batteries are not exactly considered environmentally friendly because of the production conditions and the unresolved recycling issue. Now BMW has teamed up with Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt and Belgian materials technology expert Umicore to change this.

In a joint technology consortium, BMW Group, Northvolt and Umicore plan to work closely together on the continued development of a complete and sustainable value chain for battery cells for electrified vehicles in Europe. The project is seeking to press ahead with the sustainable industrialisation of battery cells in Europe and the associated acquisition of skills, from cell chemistry and development through to production and ultimately recycling.

In view of the growing numbers of electrified vehicles, establishing a broad basis for procuring battery cells is becoming a matter of greater strategic significance for manufacturers. With Northvolt as a partner focused on sustainable production and the BMW Group in its capacity as a carmaker that is already developing its own battery cells today, this can be achieved to effect, the carmaker believes. Because battery cells contain essential resources and materials, feeding these back into the loop becomes more and more important as electric vehicles multiply in number. As Umicore is regarded as a global leader in the development and production of active materials for battery cells and resource recycling and the BMW Group boasts certain expertise in material and cell design, there are hopes for major achievements in this area too.

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