Bosch launches off-road and commercial vehicles business unit

July 08, 2016 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Bosch launches off-road and commercial vehicles business unit
As a new organization within Bosch’s Mobility Solutions branch, the new business unit defines itself as an organization that is focused on sales and systems integration. With the move, Bosch hopes to better serve a growing multi-billion euro market of trucks, construction machines, forklifts, and harvesting machines.

Bosch’s new CVO (Commercial Vehicles / Off-road) unit has been launched because the existing organization structure did not allow covering the market in question well. According to CVO general manager Johannes-Jörg Rüger, the activities of the new unit are only in part oriented on existing structures within the huge Bosch concern. Instead, the CVO unit will cooperate closely with all existing business. It will sell standard parts of the Bosch catalogue such as fuel injectors or alternators, but increasingly also color LCD displays for use in cockpit electronics and sensors, driver assistance systems for harvesting machines and the like.


In addition, the new business unit will undertake development and adapting tasks, for instance, remodeling stereo cameras for driver assistance systems in passenger cars for use in commercial and off-road vehicles. Independent developments will focus on connectivity issues, the company said.


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