Bosch, Skoda bring wrong-way driver warning into real-time domain

February 10, 2021 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Bosch, Skoda bring wrong-way driver warning into real-time domain
Wrong-way driving on multi-lane highways is a dangerous phenomenon that often leads to serious accidents resulting in fatalities. Often, traffic radio services like TMC are used to warn of wrong-way drivers - but in most cases, the journey through the instances of this chain of messages simply takes far too time-consuming. Bosch has developed a cloud-based technology that warns drivers in real time. VW subsidiary Skoda is the first to bring it into series production.

Accidents caused by wrong-way drivers are rare, but when they happen, they usually have serious consequences. However, the warning of the unpredictable danger over the traffic radio is usually too late, because every third wrong-way accident ends after only 500 metres - and in the worst case, fatally. In the current quarter, Skoda will integrate a solution developed by Bosch into the head units of some of its vehicle models, which warns drivers in the vicinity of the wrong-way driver - and the driver himself as well - without delay.

It works like this: Vehicles report their position with high precision to the Bosch Cloud via GPS. There, the current movement of the vehicle is compared with the permitted direction of travel. If the wrong turn is made onto a motorway or other multi-lane road, the driver himself is made aware of the error via a warning on his vehicle's display - after just a few seconds. In most cases, this warning should already be given before the driver enters the motorway.

However, such a system only becomes really useful when all drivers in the vicinity are warned. And that is the plan, at least Bosch and Skoda want to spread this technology as widely as possible. "The more vehicles are networked with our wrong-way driver warning system, the tighter the safety net," says Mathias Pillin, divisional CEO of Bosch's new Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division. In addition to the start of series production of the system at Skoda, Bosch is in talks with other car manufacturers to equip more vehicles with the function.

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