Broadcom Tackles 5 Questions on Ethernet in Cars: Page 3 of 3

August 24, 2015 //By Junko Yoshida
Broadcom Tackles 5 Questions on Ethernet in Cars
Right now, not many people in the know are willing to bet against the future that includes Ethernet in cars. Yet, angst and confusion continues to swirl around “automotive Ethernet” – whether this refers to the upcoming IEEE 802.3bw standard (also known as 100BASE-T1), the Broadcom-pioneered “BroadR-Reach” spec defined by the OPEN Alliance industry group, or any other variant.

The industry has made it very clear that there should be one standard. BroadR-Reach is that standard and you’re assured that 802.3bw will be based on BroadR-Reach spec. They are equal.

EE Times: What about IP issues, then? I understand that even when I become a member of OpenAlliance, I still need to license Broadcom’s IP. I wonder if I can get a better deal if I wait for the IEEE standard, when its terms of conditions for licensing become available.

Lau: The licensing fees for the BroadR-Reach specification are the same, regardless if it is obtained via the OPEN Alliance SIG or the IEEE.

Once the IEEE 802.3bw standard is final, the same RAND (Reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms will apply. The Letter of Assurance is available on the

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