In-cabin monitoring system protects children from forgetful parents

February 15, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In-cabin monitoring system protects children from forgetful parents
Believe it or not: 54 % of children dying in hot cars was because they were forgotten by their caregivers, the San Jose state university has found out. To prevent such casualties, Korean startup bitsensing has developed a radar-based vehicle interior monitoring system that detects the the presence and vital signs of in-cabin occupants and sends the driver alerts if a child is left unattended inside a car. The MOD620 monitoring solution matches the specific in-cabin requirements for any vehicle offering continuous detection, regardless of clothes or blankets.

To build the in-cabin sensing radar, bitsensing used an Infineon chipset, rearranged the hardware configuration and redesigned the antenna. The necessary computing power is achieved through the MCU, making it possible for radar data to be signal-processed and calculated. The MMIC transmits and receives signals through electro-magnetic waves for detection while the antenna is integrated with RF energy from the radar transmission line into the propagation medium and vice versa. These components work together seamlessly for an advanced caliber of radar performance.

The MOD620 detects in-car passenger presence and location in real-time, including the presence of a child left in a car, even when the car is shut down and locked as well as monitor the vital signs of occupants and send an alert if there are any abnormalities. bitsensing's in-house specialists partnered with various labs from universities. The system captures all rear-seat space to detect any persons within an 120-degree field of view combined with customizable detection range up to 2.5m. Privacy concerns are eliminated as the system does not rely on cameras for presence detection. 

The rearrangeable antenna in the MOD620 allows for customization in channel length compensation, Field of View, and matching circuits for transmitters and receivers. bitsensing's expertise in customizable antenna design allows for a quick and efficient process in matching specific in-cabin requirements for any vehicle, the company says.

More information (MOD620 informational product video): .


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