Camera-based solution prevents blind spots

May 17, 2017 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
 Camera-based solution prevents blind spots
No more blind spot accidents: Automotive supplier Magna International has developed a solution that helps improve visibility while changing lanes, backing out of a parking space, or driving with a vehicle full of cargo.

The ClearView outside mirror combines a self-cleaning camera with a regulatory compliant side-view mirror to display a live feed inside the vehicle. The camera is mounted on the mirror beyond the widest point of the vehicle to achieve a maximum field of view, enhance the driver's awareness and improve safety. The related monitor display is located in the interior near the mirror. Drivers thus get a more comprehensive view of their surroundings. The system also can include features such as turn signals, ground illumination and surround-view cameras.

The ClearView inside mirror can switch between a traditional rear-view mirror and a full-size video display. The video is a live feed from a camera mounted at the back of a vehicle and provides an unobstructed view of what's behind. This can be particularly helpful if passengers and/or cargo inside the vehicle restricts the driver's view using the traditional rear-view mirror.

The system combines Magna’s vision-based expertise with its mirror capabilities to create a solution that increases safety and gives the driver more information about their immediate surroundings, the company said. The development was driven by the fact that in the United States alone, almost 840.000 blind spot accidents occur each year, resulting in about 300 fatalities.


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