CAN-FD protection diodes excel in ESD performance

December 02, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
CAN-FD protection diodes excel in ESD performance
As CAN-FD applications become mainstream in automotive electronics, correspondingly adapted components are required. Nexperia now has introduced a series of such devices. Fully AEC-Q101-qualified, the PESD2CANFDx series parts also offer industry-leading ESD and RF performance, and save PCB space.

The new DFN1412D-3 and DFN1110D-3 leadless DFN packages with side-wettable flanks occupy 80% less PCB space than traditional SOT23 and SOT323 packages. Despite this, products assembled in this package feature improved thermal behaviour due to a larger internal lead frame that includes a heatsink and thermal pad.

PESD2CANFDx diodes are also very ESD robust delivering excellent system level protection performance. This is because the parts have industry’s lowest clamping voltages of only 33 V at I PP = 1 A and low dynamic resistance of 0.7 Ω. Nexperia ESD protection devices also offer good RF switching parameters featuring a mixed mode insertion loss of just +20 dB at 300 MHz, leading to excellent signal integrity.

Besides CAN-FD, capability, another essential requirement for automotive applications is the ability to use AOI. The devices at hand, in leadless packages, meet both these requirements, providing a high-performance alternative to leaded SMD packages.

20 devices are available now in the DFN1412D-3 and DFN1110D-3 packages for automotive and industrial applications including CAN/CAN-FD, FlexRay, SENT and LVDS. 

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