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June 16, 2019 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Lightfield 3D display
In cooperation with US company Leia Inc., is automotive supplier Continental developing an innovative cockpit solution: the "Natural 3D Lightfield Instrument Cluster". The solution brings the third dimension into future vehicles.

Leia's Lightfield technology made its US market debut in smartphone displays in cooperation with AT&T and Verizon. Consumers can already enjoy gaming, movies, augmented reality and image sharing in unprecedented 3D quality. The Lightfield experience consists of the Lightfield display and an extensive range of automotive applications that will be provided by Continental in the future.

Continental and Leia are also collaborating on content creation and developer support. Leia currently offers a creative toolkit to convert or create content in Lightfield format with automatic settings for visual convenience.

The Lightfield projection of the new car display has many applications. Warnings from driver assistance systems are displayed in 3D, directions from the navigation system can be displayed even more clearly, and the graphic display of the parking aid - such as the assistant with 360-degree bird's eye view - is to become more attractive in 3D. And the greeting from the vehicle system can be enhanced with the help of 3D animations if, for example, the manufacturer's logo rotates in 3D in the cockpit. "It's important to note here: The 3D animations on our new display don't fly through the car like they do in the cinema," explains Kai Hohmann. "We work with the graphic depth to the rear and allow all 3D objects to emerge from the picture by a maximum of five centimeters. This is more relaxed for the eye, the driver is never irritated."

The cooperation will use Continental's know-how in the field of information systems and sensors to augment the LeiaLoft content platform. This will enable car manufacturers and external developers to easily create holographic apps for future vehicles.

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