CarMaker R10.0 simulation software reach new visualisation levels

April 12, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
 CarMaker R10.0 simulation software reach new visualisation levels
More realistic and detailed: Release 10.0 of the CarMaker product family from IPG (Karlsruhe, Germany) offers a variety of new and improved applications for virtual vehicle development. Virtualized test scenarios reach new visualization level while being highly performant in complex scenarios. New functions enable a more detailed scenario generation as well. The release is the response of Karlsruhe-based software vendor IPG Automotive to tougher requirements driven by the dominance of software and electronics, interconnectedness and autonomous driving.

With release 10.0, MovieNX becomes a regular feature of the CarMaker product family. Users can visualize existing TestRuns as well as complex scenarios directly in the Scenario Editor. The successor of IPGMovie enables photo-realistic 3D visualizations in real-time and HDR, for example of special weather or illumination conditions. MovieNX allows testing camera-based advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions at a whole new level, and also training and validating algorithms based on artificial intelligence. Real camera systems can be integrated, resulting in reproducible tests of autonomous driving scenarios.

The integrated sensor simulation technology becomes more realistic as well. With the enhancement of the Lidar RSI, reflective materials are no longer represented solely by their specular behavior but also by reflecting smaller amounts of light diffusely. This improvement is particularly visible on wet road surfaces or shiny car paints which can thus be depicted even more realistically.

The interaction model of the Ultrasonic RSI was extended by a physical wave scattering model, similar to the one of the Radar RSI. The new wave propagation takes into account every single interaction of the acoustic wave with the environment and improves the simulation results for complex geometries. Subsequently, the resulting acoustic pressure can be simulated in an even more realistic way.

Due to their numerous details and objects, city scenarios are a particularly challenging test environment for ADAS and AV applications. With the new CarMaker release, functions, sophisticated road geometries of typical inner city scenarios can be created more easily. The road model can now reproduce complex traffic islands and sidewalks as well. In combination with the revised junction model, which allows for easy modeling of extensive real-world junctions, the degree of reality for the modeling of complex inner-city scenarios can be enhanced considerably.

In addition, the traffic simulation on freeways and multi-lane roads was extended to enable automated overtaking maneuvers. This reduces the modeling effort for complex freeway scenarios.

IPG Automotive

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