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October 14, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Centrally controlled robot vehicles to ensure urban mobility
With an unusual concept, the engineering company EDAG (Arbon, Switzerland) wants to push ahead with the introduction of fully autonomous vehicles: all movements of the vehicle fleet are to be centrally coordinated and controlled. Advantages according to EDAG: Avoidance of traffic jams and demand-oriented control of all traffic.

A CityBot, configured as a refuse collection vehicle. Not only can it detect and collect waste, it can also categorise it and place it in an appropriate on-board container.  

The CityBot software suite includes a payment system with the crypto-currency IOTA, because the developers have envisaged that users can monetize the activity of the robot vehicles by offering their services in return for payment. Since they are designed to operate around the clock, this would not only pay for itself, but would also enable a high level of traffic efficiency - in contrast to private cars, which are usually only used for a few hours a day.

In those areas where the CityBots can be used, EDAG engineers expect a drastic reduction in the number of vehicles in circulation to about 20% of the "conventional" stock. At the same time, the number of parking spaces could be reduced, advertises EDAG CEO Cosimo de Carlo. This would make these areas available for a different type of use; in addition, there would no longer be any need for traffic signs, traffic lights or for the elaborate design of intersections. Thanks to their central software control, traffic jams could even be avoided, EDAG hopes. With all these features, EDAG believes that the CityBots could be a building block for the conversion to decarbonised and environmentally friendly urban mobility.

EDAG expects the first commercial uses to begin around 2025 - initially in airports and industrial sites. A city centre scenario is conceivable for de Carlo in about ten years.

At its Tech Summit between 26 October and 5 November, EDAG intends to present the concept in more detail in various webinars and live streams. 

All photos © EDAG Group

More information: https://www.edag.com/de/tech-summit-2020

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